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Ebook - Our Favourite 33 DIY Hacks

Whether you want to save time, effort, money or all three, this collection of our 33 favourite DIY related life hacks will give you the little boost of confidence you need if you're thinking about doing some of your jobs yourself.  Free when you join The Mob.

Odd Job Mob Fridge Magnet to-do List

Ensure you never forget a job that needs doing with our handy fridge magnet to-do list and pen.  Simply stick it on your fridge and you (or your husband) have a daily reminder of all the jobs you need to do (or get The Odd Job Mob to do).  Free with your first booking.

Odd Job Mob Recommended Utility Tool

A great little 7 in 1 utility tool to have handy for those times when you need to tighten a screw, bleed a radiator, open your meter box, and many other little jobs.  Free with your first booking.

Odd Job Mob Home Care Survey & Bespoke Report

The Odd Job Mob's proprietary Home Care survey and bespoke report highlights the areas of your home you can maintain that will ensure you spend the minimum amount of time, effort and money in your home.  Free with your first booking.

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Introductory 30% discount off your first booking

We know it's not about the price, but we want to make it easy for you to give us a go, so when you join, you'll have the opportunity to get up to 30% off your first booking.
When you click to become a VIP customer of the Odd Job Mob, you'll immediately get details of how you can claim your one time introductory discount.

The Odd Job Mob 100% Money Back Guarantee

You want the best job possible, with trust and reliability, all for a fair price, and we want to provide that for you.
However, things do go wrong, and when that happens, you need to know it's going to be sorted out!
Therefore, assuming we can't correct the issue to your satisfaction, you're covered with our 100% money back guarantee.

Come to us anytime for advice and expertise

It's not just about the work we do for you, as an Odd Job Mob VIP customer, we're on hand to offer you advise and guidance when it comes to every aspect of home maintenance.
From purchasing the right materials to ensuring you're looking after your home, we're always happy to help.

The Odd Job Mob Fair Price Promise

Pricing jobs is the most difficult aspect of running this business, we're always in danger of over, or undercharging; neither of which leads to a completely satisfactory job for all concerned.
Our fair price promise guarantees you against being overcharged, if the job goes well and takes less time than expected, we'll reduce the price accordingly, and if it takes longer than we thought, it's on us.

Guaranteed booking date and times

If you watched the video, you'll know we've been there - taking time off work, sitting in, waiting for someone who may not even turn up.  That's why we offer guaranteed date and time bookings, so you know we'll arrive when we said we would.

Competitions, reduced rates and flash sales

Whilst we hope that you'll use us because of our reliability, trustworthiness and quality of work, rather than our price, we appreciate that price is important.
We'll continue to offer monthly competitions, flash sales and exclusive VIP customer reduced rates, so watch out for our regular emails, where we'll give you all the details.

Become a VIP Customer of
The Odd Job Mob Now - it's free